“I can’t thank Kevin and his team enough for taking me from frumpy to fabulous! The entire shoot was a wonderful experience. No stress, lots of fun, and in the end I turned into a diva! I would encourage any woman of any size, shape or age to use Kevin. We are all beautiful, Kevin just knows how to bring it out of us.”

~ Kellie D.

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Thank you Kevin for an incredible experience! I have never done a photo shoot before so I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. The entire shoot was very relaxed and Kevin’s team put me at ease. They made me laugh, smile and made it a lot of fun. I am really glad that I did the photo shoot because it really helped boost up my self confidence and I strongly encourage any woman to take on an opportunity like this. I look back at the photos every time and I smile because I know I am beautiful. Thanks Kevin!”

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I worked for a number of years in advertising—processing, manipulating and producing images with the aim of increasing clients’ profits. All the while, I took pictures on the side, a passion that sometimes had the benefit of increasing my profits.
In July of 2006, I realized that I enjoyed photographing people more than I enjoyed the daily ad grind. Like, much more. I realized also not only that I could make a living making photographs, but that I should. And I have ever since. In my opinion, everyone should have a “eureka” moment like that. It’s an awesome feeling. In fact, if you think you might be due for your own personal “eureka”, call me up, and I’ll make photographs of you and your loved ones that you will cherish for a lifetime. Honest.

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