As a curious 5-year old I would walk around the house while staring down into a mirror. It was a fascinating way to see the world, a different perspective that often led to a bruise or two. Seeing that I may cause some serious harm, my grandmother gave me an old camera to peer through instead. I remember climbing a chair and looking into my grandfather's top dresser drawer. I found a 1960's copy of Playboy and knew at that point that someday I'd be photographing nudes. 

For me, photography has always been about choosing a perspective, framing the subject, and casting light. It's the perfect metaphor for why we share this planet. We each have a unique perspective, story, and way of contributing. When we share our perspectives honestly and open our hearts and mind to receive the same from others, without judgment, we are at our best. 

Quality of Light: Kevin Stenhouse Photography | Copyright 2020

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