My favorite light from my least favorite modifier

How I quit chasing one particular quality of light and learned to love it all.

The modifier I used was a DIY frame made from PVC tubing, holding up a 4'x5' piece of rip-stop fabric. I used one strobe set about 6' behind the camera and elevated to 10'. I put a 7" reflector and grid spot on it and pointed it towards the shoot-through fabric, positioned as close to Hannah as possible. Basically it was a homemade version of a lighting scheme you often see in video and film production. Spot further away and diffused using a scrim near the scene. It was unwieldy and I ended up only using it a couple more times because of it's cumbersome nature. I disliked the using the modifier but loved the result, initially.

I love this image and the ones posted near the bottom but once I achieved the results I was looking for I lost interest in working with it further. I kept chasing after light thinking the answer to my creative fulfillment lied with a specific amount of diffusion, fall-off or contrast. Turns out it wasn't light I was chasing after all.

Recently I quit being so concerned about the specific quality of light being used and started working with available light. All those years of working in a studio environment has taught me so much. Free of the shackles of that environment I feel I'm able to take all the different qualities of light available and make them work with my art images. Turns out I wasn't looking for a specific lighting style after all but was just learning to appreciate it all. I'll still work within a studio environment on occasion, for the most part I still enjoy the process. That may not happen for some time though, spring is around the corner and looking forward to working outdoors.


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