Torso: Stories III

We admire women’s body’s in lingerie windows but shame other body’s that are feeding life

here are days where I’m proud of what I can accomplish and days where I know I haven’t treated my body as I feel I should. I try to fight the old desire for the idyllic female form, by reminding myself there is no idyllic form. When I first started my commitment to retake gymnastics classes and work out more consistently, I realized how much my body could actually do and more respect grew for my physical capabilities, and in turn I started to worried less about appearance.

I don’t mind posing nude as long as I am comfortable with who I am working with. For art the acceptance of nudity is a necessity, as nudity isn’t inherently sexual. I

found it very easy, mostly due to having worked with Kevin now two or three times, but I also wanted to step further outside my comfort zone. Our culture needs to

change it’s beliefs surrounding nudity. I think we’ve repressed a lot of the human body through religion and romanticism. The body is a vessel for which we experience the world. It should be respected, and cherished, clothed or unclothed.

Nudity is a complicated issue that goes so far back in our history. We admire women’s body’s in lingerie windows but shame other body’s that are feeding

life. We can’t just view it through art, though that it most likely the first step.

I’ve had some challenging relationships that have forced me to stand up for myself and my time more. I didn’t value myself nearly as much as I do now. For those relationships I can only say thank you for the strength to grow, even if they were unkind and manipulative.

I love projects like this and there should be more of them of all kind of people, it brings us closer to each other. It creates more understanding and more empathy which is something I think we desperately need.

TORSO and other works is a self-published book that will be made available for purchase. Currently it's view able at the NOTMYCOMMUNITY show Dirty Laundry taking place at LUX Laundromat. Show runs from February 1st to 29th, 2020.


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